Friday, September 23, 2011


1. What inspired you to continue your education to become a nurse practitioner?
2. What does a typical work shift look like and how do you manage it?
3. How did you get your current job?
4. How to do you handle your emotions when dealing with terminally I'll patients?


  1. Hi everyone. I am currently a registered nurse working in the field of pediatrics. I have always worked as a pediatric nurse but if you have questions about other kinds of nursing, feel free to ask me. I know lots of nurses! I am also going to school right now to become a pediatric nurse practitioner with a specialty in forensic nursing. Now that you know a little about my nursing practice, I'll answer some of your questions:

    1. I decided to become a nurse practitioner so I could expand my practice to help more children who may be sick or need my help, and to help teach other nurses. Not every nurse needs to become a nurse practitioner though, I am someone who likes learning and going to school so it was an easy choice for me. Nursing is a great field to work in because you will always be learning new things and there are so many different kinds of nursing to choose from.

    2. A typical work shift for me is busy. I will have 3-4 patients who have had surgery, anything from getting their tonsils taken out to receiving a kidney transplant. Some patients have their parents or family members with them and some do not. They can also be any age, a baby or a 20 year-old. I help them recovery from surgery, manage their pain, and provide support throughout their hospital stay. I work three twelve hour shifts each week, sometimes day shift (7am-7pm) or night shift (7pm-7am).

    3. I got my current job after I studied nursing at UNH and got my bachelor degree in nursing. During my time at UNH, I did an internship where I gained experience in many different kinds of nursing (home health, pediatrics, adolescent psychology/eating disorders, emergency room, neonatal intensive care unit) so I could decide what kind of nurse I wanted to be. I love working with kids so I chose pediatric nursing then I searched for jobs working with children. I went on an interview and I was hired!

    4. Since I work with children, many emotions are involved with end of life care. Any time a child is very sick, it can be heartbreaking, confusing, and emotionally draining. Most often, the parents have a harder time with death than the child so it is important to provide support for the whole family. As a nurse, you care for people in their best and worst times. Most times, patients and their families just need someone to listen and lend a helping hand or shoulder to cry on. It's ok if you cry too!

    I hope my answers were helpful. Post any questions you may have or if you want me to discuss a topic further. If I don't know the answer, I'll find it for you!

  2. What part of working with children do you enjoy the most?

  3. Do you like working 12 hour shifts or do you find it exhausting?

  4. How do you manage your twelve hour shifts?

  5. How do you not let your emotions get in the way of work?

  6. Have you ever had a child that when they left you had difficulty going back to work?