Monday, September 26, 2011

Restaurant Owner

1. How much time did you put in to starting your business?
2. What type of food does your restaurant serve? Why did you choose that type?
3. Is your restaurant fancy or casual?
4. What education or training did you require to start your business?

1 comment:

  1. 1. How much time did I put into starting my business? From "behind the scenes" running numbers and setting up corporations to physical time to build and modify took me about 12 weeks. Keep in mind I took over an older restaurant that needed quite a bit of updating and remodeling. I also had a crew of 6 people working 10 hours a day! It was a lot of work.

    2. What type of food? American. It's what I like. It also appeals to a broad range of people and you have a lot of flexibility with the menu.

    3."Casual Fine Dining" You can were a suit or jeans and a T-Shirt. Again, I like to appeal to a broad range of people. Most people get dressed up to some extent.

    4. I don't think anything is "required" as you can have just on the job training or a full college education. I personally had no formal restaurant education. I learned as i went along. I recently earned my Associates Degree in business last spring. The information I learned has been very helpful so far and I am sure I will be applying it in the future. I am now working on my BS in Business Management.